Seasonal: Farmer's Ales

These special ales use the best ingredients our local New York state farms have to offer...we explore farmers markets and work directly with farmers to develop recipes that are inspired by the seasons.

American Strong Golden Ale

Brewed with peach, thyme, and honey (from our farmers market, Stoneledge Farm CSA, and family land respectively) aged in a Kings County Distillery whiskey barrel

Beautiful World (Seasonal): Peach Ale, 6.9% ABV

Peach, Floral, Tart, Walking Orchard
Malt:  NY Craft Malt: 2-row, Munich, Niagara: Cara Vienna
Hops: Crooked Creek: Chinook, Saratoga: Cascade

Brooklyn Storyteller

Brewed with Mast Brothers cocoa nibs and fresh cherries, aged in a Kings County Distillery whiskey barrel

Cherry Bears: Imperial Honey Blonde w/Cherries, 8.2% ABV

Big bold and full of Fruit. A full bodied flavor is full of cherries and fruit. A great late seasonal. 

Defining Gravity: Pale Ale 4.5% ABV

Peaches, gooseberies, rounded stone fruit character and a touch of tart!

Farmer's Brown Ale: American Brown Ale with raspberries, basil and a hint of chocolate malt 6% ABV.

A farmer's market twist to the classic American brown ale. This brown is brewed with raspberries and basil to give it a wonderful summer feel with a sweet and slightly tart aroma and flavor backed up by a darker slightly chocolatey malt. Coupled with a hint of basil offering a brite fresh herbal note, this is a dry and fruity brown ale perfect for summer!

Lazy Stargazer: Imperial Honey Wheat, 9.3% ABV

Strawberry, Tart, Floral Sweet, Deceiving
Malt: Pioneer Malting: 2 Row, Red Wheat Malt
Hops: Whipple Brothers Hops: Mystery

Midsummer's Night Brew: Blond Ale with blackberries and lavender 6% ABV.

“Midsummer’s Night Brew”   is an ale inspired by those wonderful long summer nights. Brewed with lavender and   blackberries, this beer has an amazing floral aroma, and coupled with a sweet and tart taste from the blackberries, it makes it the perfect beer for a Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

Pale Blue Dot (Seasonal): Lavender Saison Blueberries 6.4%

Citrus, Lavender, Floral, Spice
Malt: New York Craft Malt: 2-Row; Pioneer Malt: Munich; Valley Malt: Warthog Wheat
Hops: Willet Hops: Cascade, Alpharoma, Chinook

Strawberry Delight (Sixpoint Collaboration): Strawberry Cream Ale, 5.1%% ABV

Fruit forward with a nice hoppy backbone

Malt: Pioneer Malting: 2-row,
Hops: Whipple Brothers Hops: Mystery

Squash Maple Brown: Brown w Squash, Maple 8.4% ABV

Deliciously smooth maple and nutty maltiness. New York Maple Syrup, Butternut Squash

That Nunu: Imperial Oatmeal Stout, 7.5% ABV

Deep dark and velvety.  w/ Nunu Chocolate Cacao Nibs 

Ver 2012: Strawberry Rhubarb Saison 5.7% ABV. 

Our spring seasonal from 2012 was a deliciously tart and dry saison using over 6 pounds of fresh strawberries and 2 pounds of rhubarb in the fermenter. A great balance of spice from the yeast, tartness from the rhubarb and sweetness from the malt, with just a hint of flavor and aroma coming from the strawberries. With the slightest pink hue to this unfiltered saison, the beer was perfect for the warm early summer months.

Wet Hop Beer

These special beers are only available in the late summer/early fall as New York State hops are harvested. The fresh hops must be picked and brewed with on the same day giving the beer a very unique taste and allowing us to work very closely with the farmers. Here are the selections for 2016, please stop by the taproom to enjoy them as fresh as possible, they won't last long!

Wet Hop 2016 #1

Wet Hop: Triple Pearl (Whipple Brothers)
Pale Ale, 5.4%
Herbal, Grass, Soft Fruit, Wet hop
Malt: Pioneer Malt: 2-Row, Munich, Red Wheat
Hops: Crooked Creek: Chinook; Whipple Brothers: Triple Pearl

Wet Hop 2016 #2

Wet Hop: Cascade (Tinyfield Roofhop Farm)
Farmhouse Wet Hop Ale, 5.1% ABV
Honey, Hay, Pear, Wet hop
Malt: Pioneer Malt: 2-Row, Valley Malt: Warthog Wheat,, Carmel 40
Hops: Tinyfield: Cascade, Feathertop Hops: Nugget