The Main Line

These are Strong Rope Brewery's core brand of beers. A range of American and English styles, these ales are lower in alcohol and run the gamut in terms of flavor, from a super hoppy IPA to a rich and roasty American Stout.

J.J. Bollerack's Brown Ale: American Brown Ale, 6.5% ABV.


Strong Rope's award winning Brown Ale, this beer is all about updating a classic American style. Centennial hops and Rye take this chocolatey and toasty ale to the next level of goodness. While the beer has a bit of residual sweetness from the low attenuating yeast used, the hops, rye and darker malts balance out that sweetness making a supremely drinkable and tasty Brown Ale. Named after an imaginary childhood friend of Eric, there is nothing imaginary about the robust flavors and aromas that come through in this wonderful beer.

Seeds of Love and Outrage: IPA, 6.2% ABV.

After being imprisoned by the US Govt for disrupting a dubious (at best) oil and gas auction, Tim DeChristopher wrote "What one person can do is to plant the seeds of love and outrage in the hearts of a movement. And if those hearts are fertile ground, those seeds of love and outrage will grow into a revolution." This statement resonates with the craft beer movement and what we are trying to accomplish in bringing handcrafted flavorful beers to an often flavorless world. This ale is truly an American IPA with dankest of intentions. We plant the seeds that grow up into the aroma and flavor that smack you up side the head. This resinous ale is highly hopped but shows a restrained bitterness and lets the hops shine through in aroma and flavor. Seeds of Love and Outrage is the hoppiest of the main line and is ready to take the craft beer revolution head on. To learn more about Tim, check out his non-profit Peaceful Uprising

Stuck in Amber: American Amber Ale, 5.7% ABV.


Stuck in Amber is an ale that, much like the fateful mosquito in Jurassic Park, perfectly preserves the potent yet layered floral and fruity aromas and flavors of a variety of American hops, in a balanced shell of toasty, nutty and sweet caramel malt.

Trip to Burlington: American Stout, 6.4%

Oatmeal Stout.jpg

There is one thing that was always on my mind when I would take my trips up to Burlington late in the year to visit Eric at school, and that was STOUT. Whether it was the snow, or the fact that the sun set at 4 pm, Stouts were the perfect remedy for those long cold nights. So in honor of the good ol' days, Strong Rope's foray into the dark side of beer is our deliciously creamy and roasty, Trip To Burlington. Trip to Burlington is a full roasted and full bodied stout, with notes of chocolate, coffee and a bit of dark fruit. Well hopped to add an extra layer character and bitterness, this stout is worth the trip!

Young Lion of the West: Cream Ale, 5.2% ABV.


Young Lion of the West is a light yet flavorful cream ale with just enough hops to give it a little bite. Young Lion of the West (An old nickname of Rochester NY) is named in homage to my hometown's most famous brewery (Genesee Brewery) and one of its famous beers, Genesee Cream Ale.