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*Olio Seminar* The Rise and Fall of the American Republic Part III


The Rise and Fall of the American Republic in Three Parts
This Olio Seminar examines United States history from its founding to the current day. We will be looking at many facets of American history from culture to politics and economics, and of course its role as a global power. The historical approach presented is not focused on the actions of individuals, per se, but rather the larger ideological, economic, and social developments leading to the formation of the current US political system and culture in addition to examining specific people and events.

Part III - The American Moment: Victory, Dominance, and Decline

The last section of the series examines United States culture, politics and economics from the end of World War II to the present moment. The United States came out of WWII as a burgeoning hyper-power but the structures that helped the United States become dominant, ultimately fell in, initiating the political and economic crisis of the past 40 years.  This part will include looking at the nature and consequences of America’s involvement in other countries’ political outcomes.

Earlier Event: December 17
Pizza Moto at the Taproom
Later Event: December 22
Holiday Cheer with Cookies and Beer