Drunken Sahler Reserve Series

This is the where the big boys are. These beers are rich, complex and higher in alcohol. Find the one you like, sit down for a while and just enjoy it.


Edna's Scottish Exchange Scottish Wee Heavy, 9.8% ABV.


My love of good beer all stems from an foreign exchange trip my senior class took to Scotland and the beer I had while "studying" the dark ancient pubs that were strewn about Edinburgh. Our trip leader/Math teacher, Edna, showed us what a proper pint was and this Scottish Wee Heavy is in honor of Edna and the first seeds to my eventual craft brewing career. Edna's Scottish Exchange is a BIG, BOLD and MALTY ale. Just like the English, hops are not welcome in this Strong Scottish Ale (I blame Braveheart for my prejudices). Strong kettle caramelization gives a sweet toffee like flavor while the high alcohol offers a warming yet smooth presence. A bit of roast malt balances out the sweetness and gives a nice roasted accent to the beer. 

Storyteller Imperial Stout 10% ABV.


Though Storyteller was a moniker bestowed upon me when we were young, it came with a bit of ironic nature to it. Mainly because I was really bad at telling stories. I may be bad at telling stories but, thankfully for you my fair drinkers, I am rather good at brewing beer. Storyteller is my Imperial Stout. A big full bodied stout, this beer has huge amounts of roast and chocolate helps out the great malt backbone. Big velvety mouthfeel without being overly sweet with notes of dark fruit. A nice drying flavor from the alcohol helps balance it all out. Enjoy. Oh and if you drink one you need to tell us all about your adventures (real or fiction) with this beer. What's your story?

Others in rotation:

  • Thomas the Stumbling Buffalo: American Barley Wine 11.5% ABV.
  • White Rhino: Wheat Wine, 9.3% ABV.