We've secured a location!

After nearly 3 long years of searching for a location, starts and stops, and almost signings, we finally found the perfect spot to open Strong Rope Brewery. Being in New York was really important to us, both because of the connection of Strong Rope's name sake (more about where our name came from here) and about revitalizing the agriculture and manufacturing of my home state. Building on the local food movement and the increasing demand for craft beer, Strong Rope combines consumers’ passion for local ingredients and for flavorful beers. With a focus on serving cask ale, we will sell pints and growlers directly from the taproom, while providing tours and classes within the brewery.

Prior to Prohibition there were close to 50 breweries in Brooklyn at its peak. Currently there are only 8 operating, all of which are currently furiously brewing to keep up with demand.  Being a part of the community was always a main focus of ours and that meant that we needed to pick the right location. And picking a location, as we found out, was the easy part, finding a space in that location was the tough part. For the brewery we needed a space with these key demands: to be in correct zoning district (an M-Zone for manufacturing); we needed the space to have some heavy duty utilities with enough power, gas, water and good sewage to allow for the brewing process; and finally with our focus on cask ale and our desire to have a great taproom we needed a location that had a good amount of foot traffic, or at least close enough to mass transit to allow for easy access.

In late 2012/early 2013 we were looking into spaces that were acting like incubators for the new Brooklyn Maker movement, including the remodeled Pfizer building and the up-and-coming Industry City location. After those didn't quite work out we started to focus on neighborhoods that had a strong sense of community, Strong Rope is a passion project for myself and a big part of what I want from the brewery is to make it a space for people to come learn about beer, where the ingredients come from, and who the farmers and makers are. Strong Rope Brewery is looking to acquire a Farm Brewery License, utilizing New York grown ingredients, taking advantage of the effort by the state and Governor Cuomo to strengthen New York's agricultural sector as well as expanding economic development and tourism. In addition to supporting local farmers and encouraging the revival of New York State’s agricultural history, these heritage and organic ingredients have an amazing taste, helping provide a unique flavor and freshness to our beers. This lead us to look at neighborhoods such as the revitalized Brooklyn waterfront, the Brooklyn Navy Yards, Sunset Park, Crown Heights, and finally back in Gowanus.

We're happy to share the new location of Strong Rope Brewery will be at 574A President Street, Brooklyn, NY (formerly the home of Brooklyn Brine pickle guys who've moved to a larger space). We live nearby and always wanted to be close to our home neighborhood. We are so excited to begin the process of opening up the brewery here...the picture below is of our first shared time in the space merging the landlord's amazing circle of friends and musicians with our beer geek circle (with even a few curious people coming in off the street). It was an amazing night and we can't wait to see what more is to come...

We still have a long way to go with the construction and licenses, but this was our first major hurdle in order to start those processes...a huge thank you to our amazing lawyer, Bobby, who came to us through one of the early beer tastings at ba'sik bar in Williamsburg (thanks Derek...those sessions helped us perfect the current beer offerings and meet great people), our new landlords, Steve and Darryl, who welcomed us with open arms, and our many friends, family, and supporters who visited spaces with us, debating the pros/cons of various locations and neighborhoods, and believed in us that we'd find just the right space. This one is for you.