Goodbye Blue Monday

Homebrew Hullabaloo Recap


Strong Rope had a great time hanging out and pouring our Oatmeal Stout, Trip To Burlington, at Josh Bernstein's Homebrew Hullabaloo at Goodbye Blue Monday

Trip to Burlington is a velvety smooth but fully roasted beer, with notes of chocolate, coffee and a bit of dark fruit. Just a hint of hops helps balance out this black beauty.

This was the first batch of Trip to Burlington and got some amazing feedback from the Hullabaloo crowd. But besides our own, there were some amazing beers to be had from the other brewers there. From Fritz's great, Horniest RYEnocerous Rye IPA, to my neighbor Isaac Deutch and his Robust Porter. Or course I have to give a shout out to Brooklyn Homebrew and their Teething Gremlin IPA and Kyler Serfass's beers as they are always amazing.  

Check out the pics below and a big thanks to Josh for hosting a great party and here's to hoping that it happens again next year!


Me and my neighbor, Isaac

Fritz pouring the Horniest of beers

Moxey, looking cool!

Dude playing piano, and doing it well.

Brooklyn Homebrew with the best setup of the day

Kyle and Pete setting up

Kyler showing off his muscles

The Homebrew King!


And now for something completely odd, RODAN!