Custom Beers

Creating Custom Beers For The People

With Strong Rope Brewery focusing on creating beers for a hyper local market, another way we interact with the community could be creating custom beers for special events. Working with people to create a unique beer just for them and their event, whether it is a wedding or birthday or any other event they can think of, is a great way not only to bring recognition to the brewery but also allows you to get away from your normal selection of beers and try something new to expand your brewing horizon. 

Collaboartive exercises with people of different backgrounds are a great way to open up to ideas that you may have never thought of before, and that is important when trying to stay fresh with any job especiially a creative one like brewing.

I have been doing Custom Beer for events (as I am sure alot of homebrewers do) for a while now. From fresh farmers market Peach and Honey IPA and a Rosemary dry "hopped" Amber Ale, to a Cuban-inspired Saison that had plantain, coriander and bay leaves. All were unique and all were made specialy for their events. You can see what I have done recently on the custom beer section of the site

Whether this becomes apart of the business plan for Stong Rope Brewery moving forward waits to be seen. There are alot of things to consider, in terms of time and space and whether the overall pricing structure can sustain such small batches. What do you all think?