Progress Update On A Brewery

You may have noticed that there hasn't been much in the way of any updates lately and I apologize for my lack of communication. When my efforts are focused on progressing the brewery forward, my updates/writing take a bit of a back seat and I did not mean to make you suffer from the lack of my provocative and insightful posts on creating a brewery. But progress IS being made, our Federal and State brewers licenses have been filed and are going through the bureaucratic paces; we have been reaching out to farmers and maltsters to get those New York State grown ingredients that are oh so important to our brewery, and we are about to begin our build-out!! The architect and engineers worked for months pouring over the spot to make sure our brewery needs will be met and now that is over our contractor is set to go. Thankfully, the space was a former pickle factory before it will be a brewery, which has left us with a space that needs minimal work before we can make that ever so delicious beer I know you are craving. For those looking to start their own brewery, If I can give one piece of advice, it would be to get your designs and paperwork started as early as possible. The lag from signing the lease to getting to the build-out is one that can be busy but stressful and whatever you can get out of the way before that pen goes to paper the better.  Now you never know how things are going to go in starting a business, especially in this city, but if everything goes smoothly, we hope to be making tasty ales this fall. Still a lot of work to do, but things are moving along and I hope to have more info coming your way as we get closer to the end goal.