Like Water for Beer

Last weekend Strong Rope had the pleasure of serving three beers at a fundraising dinner for the non-profit group The Water Collective. Founded by Josh Braunstein and Sophia Sunwoo, The Water Collective looks to bring long lasting solutions to the water crises in Sub-Saharan Africa. In their words...

We believe in focusing on making water life-lasting triumphs over rapid expansion with temporary solutions. We believe in long-term strategies that integrate life-cycle costs and collaborate with existing community collectives. We believe that a supportive economy and knowledgeable community are key to clean water and keeping it there. We believe in empowerment before giving, requiring benefiting communities to co-finance their water projects so that they are involved in building their own futures.

It is hugely important what the Water Collective is doing in bringing sustainable water solutions to communities that are in such desperate need of fresh potable water.


Water is also huge issue for any brewery (even one still in the planning stages) so I felt it was important for Strong Rope to participate. Right now breweries use an average of 7 barrels of water for every 1 barrel of beer produced. There are craft breweries and macro breweries looking to reduce that ratio and to make brewing as water efficient as possible but it is going to take a collective effort of all the breweries to make strides in really reducing overall water usage. There needs to be an industry wide effort, and this is not something that I just want Strong Rope to participate in, but more so, be a leader of.

For the event I brewed a Cream Ale, an IPA and my Brown Ale (J.J. Bollerack's Brown Ale) but for the Brown Ale, Josh was able to procure some cacao beans from one of the farmers in Cameroon, he is working with through the Water Collective. The beans gave a wonderful earthy flavor with a slight bitterness and even an almost vinousy character to the beer. Really a wonderful addition for this special occasion.