Chop and HomeBrew Tours

This is a quick one today, but last year I had the chance to be do a second Homebrew Tour with the always amazing Joshua M. Bernstein. Josh's homebrew tours bring a handful of intrepid beer drinkers out to visit 3 homebrewers in their native habitat, the home. It is always a great time to get people to be able to share your beer with these fine folks and give a real sense of what it is I do and where I do it. Well this time, Josh and the tour were followed by one the great documentarians of homebrew and craft beer culture, Chip Walton and his webshow Chop and Brew! Helped along by Artimus Pace (of Abstract Artimus fame) Chip filmed the whole day and I was able to give a little info about Strong Rope, what I am trying to do and of course share some beer. Enjoy!

Video can be found on Youtube