And The Plan Rolls On...

Well it is early November and things are steadily progressing with the plan to open Strong Rope Brewery.  First off we have officially filed the LLC for Strong Rope. It's a small step, but one that definitely makes it feel like we're moving forward. We chose the LLC for its flexibility in terms of setting up operational agreements, giving the Members (owners) more control over the company, and to help simplify our taxes. And starting out, that will help... a lot.

Secondly we have secured an approved trademark for Strong Rope Brewery! As the craft beer world gets more and more crowded every year it is important to secure names and property. I have seen many times, friends even, where things can go wrong and all the work that has been put into a brand can go down the drain, like a batch of beer Bob McKenzie was swimming in. So to be proactive we went ahead with the filing so that we hopefully avoid any issues.

With our name and business model secure we are now putting the final touches on the business plan and financial model. Then it will be time to secure a space. We have been looking at spaces, keeping track of commercial real estate in Brooklyn, and have come upon a place that we like. Nothing is set in stone, but it fits a lot of our needs such as price, traffic, amenities and potential growth. Strong Rope Brewery is not going to be a big brewery so massive amounts of space are not needed, but when scouting space, you want to keep in mind the expansion abilities of the space. Having to move locations when upgrading can be a costly and time intensive endeavor and if you have the ability to grown in your own space that can help in mitigating some of those headaches. Our thoughts on expansion are rather modest as we want to sell through our taproom and not just grow for the sake of growth. 

One of the main reasons we'd like to sell out of the tap room is for Strong Rope to be connected to the community.  We're planning on launching a three-and-half barrel system producing hand-crafted ales made on-site from local and organic ingredients. Strong Rope Brewery is looking to acquire a Farm Brewery License, meaning the brewery will be utilizing New York grown ingredients for at least 20% of the hops as well as 20% for the rest of the ingredients of the beer.  In addition to supporting local farmers and encouraging the revival of New York State’s agricultural history, these heritage varieties of product in our opinion taste better and are used sooner after picking, helping provide a unique flavor and freshness to our beers. At the turn of the 19th century there were close to 45 breweries in Brooklyn, with 11 in Williamsburg alone. Today there are 11 in all of New York City. Strong Rope Brewery will help fill the demand currently present in Brooklyn for interesting craft beer by adding another local neighborhood brewery option.

So that's a quick update on what we've been up to, stay tuned and hopefully we can announce something a little more concrete in the near future. 


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