Hops On The Rise

Large breweries shun them, craft brewers love them, but what ever your opinion, hops have become a quintessential ingredient in beer. For a long time hops were grown all across the country, but after prohibition and a blight, early in the 20th century, much of the hop cultivation was relegated to the pacific northwest. That is slowly changing as small farms with the help from non profits like Northeast Hop Alliance, are starting to grow their own crops and bring them to market. A true boon for craft brewers who are always looking for new and exciting varietals to brew with.

On a much more local level, thanks to my brother (and NO thanks to some pesky squirrels), I was able to plant my first rhizome this season.

Not exactly an ideal location (sun is maybe on them for about 5 hours a day and they are in a rather shallow planter) but they have seemed to do okay in their first year and, wouldn't you know it we have hops. Cascade to be exact. The aroma is still rather faint and they seemed to have come on a little later than a lot of other growers around here, but they're here none the less so I thought I would share some photos.

Not going to do much in terms of adding them to a beer this time around but maybe next year! Enjoy!

Pesky squirrels chewed up my Nugget rhizome